Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Day in Athens

While I was in Athens waiting at the clinic for the baby to arrive I went for a quick stroll at the Golden Hall Store just a few steps away. It was a lovely, sunny day in the city and I spent some time window shopping, gazing books at Public, having some Greek coffee and sitting outside so as to get as much sunshine as possible. 

At Golden Hall you will find 131 shops all under one roof. This is the ultimate destination in the city for elegant shopping and dining. Definitely my favourite shopping place in Athens!

Instant pleasure: Plenty of sun on naked skin...

Sotris Fashion
Seems like I cannot escape London ;)
Gorgeous Toms

I want this bag so badly...
Pinko Fashion
Fatal Attraction: Jimmy Choos and Miu Miu Clutch

My next post will be from London as I am flying out this afternoon. 

Have a great Sunday!! Hope it is a sunny one :)

Helen xx

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Baby Boom!!

I am so happy to announce that my sister gave birth yesterday to a healthy and beautiful baby girl. This baby is my first niece and I am over the moon with excitement and happiness!

I spent the day in Athens wandering around the corridors of IASO clinic waiting for the happy news. Our baby decided to make an appearance at 14.35pm, weighting 3.5kg and her star sign is Aries like her mum ;). Seems like her father is gonna have a tough job!!

Celebrating with flowers and macaroons!

As I am not gonna get enough of my niece this time around I am planning to come and see her again in May. I wish I could fast forward the time :)

Have a beautiful day!!

Helen xx

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sienna Miller for Nylon's April 2014 Issue

Sienna Miller is the cover girl for Nylon's April 2014 issue. And she looks super cool in a silver studded leather jacket that she pairs with a dusty pink lace pencil skirt from Burberry.


The Layer Cake star tells Nylon she revels in breaking society's rules. "Life's really short. A lot of what we do is a reaction to what people think that you are supposed to do" she says.

Sometimes, the rule must be that there are no rules.

Have a great day!!

Helen xx

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Return to Tiffany & Co.

While I was at Heatrow Airport a few days ago, I got something that will always remind me this trip to Greece. My little Tiffany & Co. blue box was cute and sweet like candy. It was hiding inside the "Return to Tiffany & Co." heart tag charm that I always wanted to get as a little treat to myself. Tiffany & Co. has been the world's premier jeweler and America's house of design since 1837.

This charm was inspired by a design from 1969. Back then, Tiffany's sold a key chain stamped with a registration number and this instruction. If your set of keys was ever misplaced, the idea was that the tag would inform the person who would find it to "please return" the set to the company's flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. I always love a little story behind my objects of desire!!

Have a look at the entire "Please Return to Tiffany & Co. " collection here.

Helen xx

Monday, 24 March 2014

Anya Hindmarch Sample Sale

I wish I was in London now to visit the Music Room for some eye candy by Anya Hindmarch. The designer's sample sale is taking place today and tomorrow, so don't miss the chance to get your hands on a wide range of luxury accessories up to 50% off.

Monday 24th March 2014: 8am - 7pm
Tuesday 25th March 2014: 8am - 7pm

The Music Room
26 South Molton Lane

Have a great week!!

Helen xx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Stealing Banksy?

Stealing Banksy? is the 2014 project exploring the social, legal and moral issues surrounding the sale of street art (I love street art!). Taking place in April (24th until 27th) in the heart of London, the exhibition showcases the most expensive collection of Banksy artworks under one roof. 

Below are 8 unique pieces that will make up this amazing exhibition next month. 

No Ball Games, Location: Tottenham (Painted: 2009)

OldSkool, Location: Clerkenwell (Painted: 2006)

Liverpool Rat, Location: Liverpool (Painted: 2006)
Girl with the Red Balloon, Location: Hackney (Painted: 2006)
Sperm Alarm, Location: Victoria (Painted: 2011)
Boy with Heart, Location: Clerkenwell (Painted: 2006)
Silent Majority, Location: Glastonbury (Painted: 1998)
2 Rats, Location: Berlin (Painted: 2003)

The show will take place at the ME London Hotel on the Strand. Designed by the world famous architects Foster + Partners and located in the artistic and cultural heart of London, this stunning hotel is contemporary and cutting edge in style and has a strong affiliation with the art world.

Don't miss this exhibition!

Helen xx

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bared to you

Even when I am on holiday, I always feel the need to have a book inside my bag as much as I need my Chanel lipstick. Just before my flight on Sunday, I took with me this book that I bought a few months ago but I was just waiting for the right moment to start reading it.

"Bared to you" by Sylvia Day is a well-written and sexually charged romance novel with characters that have real depth. 

Reading and coffee go together hand in hand...

The story goes like this: 

Gideon (what an unusual name) Cross came into Eva's life like lighting in the darkness - beautiful and brilliant, jagged and hot. She was drawn to him as she had never been to anyone in her life. She craved his touch like a drug, even knowing that it would weaken her. She was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in her so easily...

Gideon knew. He had demons on his own. And they would become the mirrors that reflected each other's most private wounds... and desires.

I enjoy reading this explosive storyline and as I am just about to finish it, I am quite glad that Gideon and Eva's story continues in the powerfully sensual sequel in the series, "Reflected in You". I have to get this as soon as I return to London. I loved Fifty Shades of Grey, but this I believe is a lot better. Any thoughts on that?

Have a great day!

Helen xx

Friday, 21 March 2014

Topshop x Adidas Originals

Right now I am sitting in the sun dreaming of how great it would be if my whole life was a holiday (in Greece or any other sunny places in the world) where I would get lots of sun bathing, relaxation and reading endless books. Dream on!! However, I will enjoy the sun for as long as it lasts as in a few days I will be back to London. Don't even want to check how the weather is there at the moment.

As I am reading fashion news on my laptop one collaboration caught my eye. Topshop's creative director Kate Phelan describes the brand's collaboration with Adidas as "a total celebration of the greatness of fashion and sportswear". This is something I want to see once I am back to London. The team has taken 20 cult pieces synonymous with Adidas Originals and reworked the cuts and shapes to make them unique.

Adidas is a favourite brand of mine and I simply love the trefoil logo, which was used by Adidas until 1997 when it was decided to reserve it just for heritage styles.


The Collection launched just yesterday at Topshop's UK, US, International and online stores, as well as selected Adidas Originals stores worldwide. 

Have a great day!!

Helen xx

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Redheads have more fun...!

There are sometimes that you feel an urgent need to do something to your hair (not in an abusive way...) and once you do so, you feel so much better. Your mood changes, hopefully for the better unless your hairdresser gets it all wrong ;)

I am quite lucky to have an amazing hairdresser and everytime I visit home I have to make sure to pop in and colour my hair beautiful. That is exactly what I did on Tuesday. Spring is here and I wanted something bright, new and healthy. Red is my number one choice when it comes to hair and voila: 

Wearing my new Tiffany & Co. pendant

What do you think of this change? Was it worth the trouble?

Have a great day!!

Helen xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Maje Wafer-mess dress

Maje Wafer-mess dress

I am loving this dress from Maje and I am already dreaming of summer... I have mixed and matched it with some of my favourite accessories at the moment. 

Beautiful strappy sandals by Agnona, a minty clutch by SJP for Nordstrom, a pair of classic black Chanel sunglasses, elegant jewellery by Tiffany & Co., a nude nail polish by Dior and my favourite Miss Dior perfume. 

Have a lovely day!!

Helen xx

Monday, 17 March 2014

My flight to Athens

My flight yesterday must have been the best flight ever. The plane left on time (thank you British Airways for being so punctual), the flight was so smooth with no turbulences at all and time just flew so quickly. I arrived at Terminal 5 quite early in the morning as I absolutely love the airport vibe before a flight and I wanted to have time ahead of me to enjoy my second coffee of the day. The weather in London was fairly good and I gradually had to remove my coat and stayed with my Whistles dress.

My green suede Balenciaga was my companion keeping all my travel essentials together...
The shopaholic in me is never caught off guard when I pass by a nice boutique, so as I was walking past the Tiffany & Co. boutique I heard something calling my name and inviting me inside...And in I went!!

Once I was holding in my hands this beautiful blue box with white ribbon, I was feeling content and ready for my skinny latte at Starbucks. I then headed to Gate A12 and I was patiently waiting for boarding time to come. My holiday time was counting its very first few hours and this always feels amazing!

Helen with double "l" for extra loving...

I found my way to my comfortable seat and I requested a bottle of white wine to help me relax and unwind. I had some nuts on the side and my new book: "Bared to you" by Sylvia Day kept me sweet company throughout the flight.

I arrived to Athens at six in the afternoon and I could feel the difference in the air. God, how much I miss home sometimes!!

Have a wonderful week!!

Helen xx