Sunday, 16 June 2019

Lumity Life Supplements

I discovered Lumity Life a few months ago when  I was browsing at Harrods and I signed up on their website after taking one of the leaflets they had at the counter. A few days afterwards I received a complimentary travel pack of their day and night supplements which I tried and absolutely loved. 

I decided to order a few more so as to see how I would feel after a few weeks of taking them. The matter of fact is that I feel great! Lumity's 2-step formula offers targeted nutritional supplementation to support health and vitality. Beautiful skin, hair and nails result from effective inner nutrition. On the plus side is the fact that it is so easy to take them: 
Step 1. Take 3 Lumity morning softgels when you wake up; 
Step 2. Take 3 Lumity night softgels before you go to bed (with water)

Enjoying a healthy breakfast and my Lumity morning softgels :)

You can grab yours on Amazon by using the link below. Let me know if anyone has tried them as well. 

Have a great Sunday!
Helen xx

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Mariage Frères - Just Opened in Covent Garden

A couple of weeks ago I was strolling around Covent Garden with an aim to visit the recently opened Tea emporium on King Street which comes straight from Paris. I might be a bit of a coffee addict, but when it comes to tea, my taste buds are quite specific.

The brand's largest branch is housed in a beautiful five-storey listed Georgian townhouse on Covent Garden's King Street. It offers the largest collection of teas in the world and you simply need to visit it to experience it all. In this visit the tea of my choice was the Yuzu Temple green tea. 

Words from M.F tea house: 
"This surprising blend, with its evocative name, is based on a fine green tea. It boasts the pleasantry round acidity of citrus fruit, the aromatic richness and peppery notes of mild spices plus the rind of real Yuzu (halfway between lemon and mandarin orange). Resolutely exotic". 

Mariage Frères
38 King Street

Get yours below:

Have a great Sunday, drink tea and keep warm!

Helen xx