Saturday, 30 November 2013

You can leave your hat on ...

While I was packing at home to return to London I managed to take with me some bits and pieces from my wardrobe there. I wanted to take so much more, but there was only a certain amount of clothes that could fit in my suitcase. It was a good idea to take my wool hat that I have been wearing every since I returned. 

I love wearing a hat during winter. It is the perfect winter accessory. It keeps you so warm plus it can save you from a bad hair day. I also want to buy a black one so it can go with everything that I am wearing. I would not say no to a fur head band too. Well, next month is shopping time so I will definitely look for those!!

Last night fighting the cold outside Harrods
Have a great weekend!

Helen xx

Friday, 29 November 2013

Chanel No 5: Femininity is Timeless

Hello everyone! Yesterday I did a little bit of shopping therapy to cheer me up as I really needed it. Well, I did not buy anything too crazy just some Chanel beauty products. I wanted to get No 5 for ages but for some reason I had never done so in the past. I find that this perfume is the equivalent of receiving a lovely bouquet of flowers and since I am not expecting flowers from anyone I decided to treat myself. 

Chanel No 5, Coco Noir and Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks
For a little history lesson, this perfume was the first perfume launched by Parisian couturier Gabrielle Chanel. The chemical formula for the fragrance was compouned by Russian-French chemist and perfumer Ernest Beaux. And if you are interested in the iconography of the No 5 name there are some interesting facts. For Chanel the number five was especially esteemed as signifying the pure embodiment of a thing, its spirit, its mystic meaning. The paths that led Chanel to the cathedral for daily pray (at the Aubazine orphanage that she was in the care of nuns) were laid out in circular patterns repeating the number five!

Chanel No 5 is often connected to Marilyn Monroe because during an interview in 1954 she said that in bed she wore only some drops of Chanel No 5. I would like to do that!! This is the second perfume in my Chanel collection, the other being Coco Noir which was kindly given to me by the Chanel Academy team during a collection's presentation a few months ago at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  

Along with the perfume I bought two Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks. Rendez-Vous (87) and Romance (55). 

What are your favorite Chanel products? 

Have a lovely day!

Helen xx

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Breakfast at Le Metro Bar & Brasserie in Knightsbridge

A few days ago I had a lovely breakfast  with my colleagues at Le Metro bar and brasserie at the heart of The Levin's dining facilities. The Levin Hotel, located in the heart of Knightsbridge, offers an oasis of luxury and style just a moment away from Harrods and fashionable Sloane Street. In other words, it has the perfect location. 

My kinda breakfast
 It was a great opportunity to chat with the girls for everything but work and have a fun time. We also had our secret Santa Draw and we will exchange our gifts just before Christmas. I am so excited about this!

Hope you are all well. Thank you so much for reading!!

Helen xx

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wish it was summer

Coming back to cold London has really hit me. Every day on my way to work I can sense that someone on the bus has a cold and I am so scared of catching it. The last thing I want at this very moment is to get sick. Now that I am thinking about it I am in a serious need of a new duvet for the cold nights.

 It was only a few days ago that I was in Akrata having my last coffee before I return and I cannot believe the temperatures I experienced back home. Here are some lovely, sunny photos from my Greek getaway.

Top: Isabel Marant pour H&M

Wrap up warm and have a great day!

Helen xx

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Putney Arts Theatre

I always remember myself enjoying so much theatre nights. I am not a big fan of the cinema, unless we are talking about summer cinema in Greece that is something else!! A few weeks ago I visited the Putney Arts Theatre with a friend, a community theatre in the heart of Putney that includes local residents, people from the borough of Wandsworth and from further afield throughout London. 

Putney Arts Theatre
 The play that we saw was "Equus" by Peter Shaffer written in 1973. The story of the play is well known: In a Hampshire stable, a youth blinds six horses with a metal spike. Convicted of this appaling crime, seventeen-year-old Alan Strang  (George Kounoupias) is sent to a secure psychiatric hospital. Martin Dysart (Micahel Rossi), the child psychiatrist assigned to him, begins to probe Alan's past in an attempt to understand his motives. Initially the boy is silent and uncooperative, but as Dysart digs deeper, he begins to win Alan's trust and the truth gradually emerges.  Finally, as Alan struggles to be free of his demons, he must relive the events of that terrible night. Inspired by a true story, Peter Shaffer's unique psychological thriller explores the complex relationships between worship, myth and sexuality.

The stage
The next play that I want to see is Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" that will start showing at the beginning of December. This is a great play for the festive season. You can check all the future productions here

Contact Details:
Putney Arts Theatre
Ravenna Road
SW15 6AW

Box Office & Enquiries: 020 8788 6943

Have a great day!

Helen xx

Monday, 25 November 2013

Uterque at Golden Hall

I remember that I had my first Uterque encounter on a summer holiday in Barcelona four years ago. I was cheerfully walking down Passeig de Gracia and somewhere in between a quick tapas lunch, and some harmless window shopping at Jimmy Choo and other fashionable boutiques a cute, low profile boutique popped out with a name that I could not even pronounce. 

 That is where I bought my first bag and the story continued in the beautiful boutique in Glyfada, Athens. Last week, while I was at Golden Hall in Athens, I came across a Uterque shop and I snapped a few pictures.

I love this oversize coat

Have a great day!

Helen xx

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Exhibition of Archaeological findings at the Athens International Airport

Sunday finally came and I spent my morning today at Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos". The weather was not that good, it was constantly raining (but it was still warm) and for a moment I had my doubts whether the A3 602 flight to London would depart. 

Just before I find my way to my gate, I visited an interesting exhibition of archaeological findings from the airport area. I have previously worked for the Hellenic Ministry of Culture in Athens and anything with an archaeological essence truly fascinates me. 

Jewelry and dress accessories from the excavations at St. Peter's church
Sphinx from Spata

Well, my flight was not cancelled and everything went according to plan. Early in the afternoon I landed at Heathrow airport. London's chilly weather welcomed me and as I had too much to carry I forgot to wear my gloves. Now I have to adjust to new temperatures. I left from Greece where the temperature was approaching 20 degrees when the weather was on a good mood and in London it shows 6 degrees now that I am writing these lines. All I can say is that the winter is coming...

Have a nice evening!

Helen xx

Saturday, 23 November 2013

My New Bracelet

While I was wandering around the corridors of Golden Hall I bumped into a little corner that had an extensive collection of Cruciani Bracelets. I adore these Italian, macrame bracelets devised by Luca Caprai. Here are some designs that come in a variety of colours.
The one that I ended up buying is different than these bracelets but I liked it so much. I believe I have spotted a little shop somewhere in St. Christopher's Place in London and I will go and get my cruciani bracelet from there. 

My new colourful bracelet along with my MV bracelets

What do you think of the bracelets?

Helen xx

Friday, 22 November 2013

Shopping spree at Golden Hall Athens

The other day I got up early in the morning, caught the 8.25 train of Proastiakos and my destination was Athens. After running a few errands, me, my sister and her husband (for his bad luck) headed to Golden Hall, my favourite department store in Athens for some shopping. 

There was a festive atmosphere everywhere and a gigantic Christmas tree welcomed us upon entering the store. 

Influenced by London's cold weather I was wearing my blue electric Poupee coat but inside the store it was so warm that I had to take it off and carry it throughout my shopping experience. That was not very wise as the coat is a bit heavy.

Our first stop was at Starbucks for a skinny latte for me, a decaf cappuccino for my sister and a classic strong cappuccino for the man himself.

The barista decided to give me a new name: "Lina"

Christmas decorations inside the store
And when the first signs of fatigue started showing we headed to Terkenlis corner for delicious Greek delicacies.

Sweater: COS, Skirt: Oscar de la Renta, Flats: Lanvin, Necklace: Isabel Marant pour H&M, Bag: Balenciaga

When we finished our shopping at Golden Hall we quickly popped in The Mall Athens, just before we take the train back home.

It was a fun day in the capital, but how amazing is it when you finally get at your home's warmth and comfort.... Can I stay there forever? Unfortunately, I will have to start packing soon. My flight to London is on Sunday and the clock is ticking!

Have an amazing Friday!

 Helen xx