Sunday, 25 November 2012


How exciting it is every time I am getting ready for a trip!!! Naturally as a control freak just before I start planning everything I get so stressed because everything has to be just right!!!

While I am making up my mind on what to pack, oh sweet God it feels like the most important decision in life :-) My flight is 24 hours away and I am almost done. The finishing touches include  having a manicure and do my hair et voila I am ready!!!

It is going to be amazing.... I just can't wait walking down Charles Bridge with my other half and explore the unique charm of Prague.

Helen xx

Thursday, 15 November 2012


Just came back home from a girls' night out at Pizza Express in Knightsbridge. I resisted the pizza tonight and went for a delicious goat's cheese salad with juicy grilled vegetables and other tasty things :-)

Pictures were taken but I promised my friend I. not to publish them :-)

Time to rest my tired body from work, yoga & other cruelties and just chill by watching I'm a celebrity get me out of here :-)

Helen xx

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


The best meal of the day for me is definitely breakfast! After a long night's sleep I can't wait to wake up and indulge into my favourite things. Sometimes I even have to cut my sleep short and get up 'cos I am too hungry to dream!!!

Today my breakfast was a bit different than usual. I got to enjoy my coffee in the beautiful surroundings of the Georgian Restaurant at Harrods.
How lovely it is to have everything ready and cooked for you.... The pleasure is almost double that way :-) So today I had a delicious sausage, crispy and not very salty bacon stripes, potatoes and a variety of mushrooms...Of course a good old breakfast is never complete without a yummy french pastry, so clearly I could not say no to that!

Mmmmm I am already dreaming of tomorrow's breakfast :-)

Helen xx

Friday, 9 November 2012


Last night was so relaxing... After a hard day's work I came back home, i put on my comfy clothes & my Uggs and headed to the gym. I had booked myself and my boyfriend for an evening yoga class.

I can still feel the repeats of down dog in my body.. I hope I will be disciplined and keep up the good work!

Helen xx

Thursday, 8 November 2012


I was so excited to find out today that i have won a Samsung Digital Camera!!! A few weeks ago i submitted my answers to a James Bond quiz at work and apparently I got lucky!!

This is an ideal gift, as i can use my new camera during my upcoming trip to Prague.... This means lots and lots of photos at Charles Bridge :-)

Helen xx


Father Christmas has landed in Harrods, trees stand tall and beautiful everywhere.... something tells me that Christmas is approaching faster than a bullet!

And with it comes the cold (I wonder if it will snow this year?), the anticipation of a delicious home cooked dinner and lots of great smells!!

Speaking of smells, I spent last evening with the companionship of a Diptyque candle and its lavender aroma filled the room and put me to sleep. So bad, I had to wake up so early this morning to go to work :-(

However, there is something exciting waiting for me. I am attending a Le Labo presentation today and I am intrigued by the blend of the essential oils in their scents. It is time to get a new perfume, so I need to have all the facts.... Which one is it going to be?

Helen xx

Monday, 5 November 2012


I just love the Gorjana & Griffin products!

They are effortlessly chic and stylish ;-)

3 Disc necklace

Cassia bar neon leather bracelet

Madison Ring

Shop  the collection here

Helen xx


Just came back from Amsterdam!

Lovely city, wonderful canals but you have to be careful with so many cyclists on the go and so eager to get to their destination!! Easy guys, is someone chasing you?

I did visit one of the city's infamous "coffee shops" (Highway). The smell was unbearable (it was playing dirty games with my perfume's smell: Beautiful by Estee Lauder) and after having a "special" chocolate muffin I couldn't really see the difference.

We stayed at the Renaissance Amsterdam hotel and the room was fantastic!

When I am staying in a hotel I enjoy so much in room dining. When you are tired from your trip it is so magical to just ring someone, order what you want and in a few minutes dinner is served!!

Helen xx