Monday, 2 May 2016

At Kyoto Garden

Yesterday the weather was fabulous and I had to take advantage of this rare situation. Holland Park is a short bus drive away and I had on my mind a visit to the peaceful Kyoto Garden for a long time now. Here you can find a tiny pocket of Japan inside an English setting. The sun was shining on this cute, little oasis of tranquillity within the park and this made me so happy and gave me a bit of a tan :-)

The garden was a gift from the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce, in recognition of the Japan festival held in London in 1992. Designed by a Japanese garden designer, this section of the park is exceptionally well maintained, with waterfalls and a pond, in which you can spot bright orange fish (koi carp). 

The time passed in Kyoto garden had a restorative effect to my spirit. It is the perfect spot in the city to read a book or just spend some time with a loved one. 

Kyoto Garden
112-114 Holland Park Avenue
W11 4UA

Have a great week!!

Helen xx

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  1. Been there just a few weeks ago! Such a stunning place!