Saturday, 21 February 2015

Al Santo Deli

In my previous life (or in a future one, who knows?) I must have been Italian with a pretty good accent as a certain someone is mocking me about my accent at the moment (he can't really mean it though, he must be pulling my leg!!). 

Last time I went out with a friend, I picked a cute, little restaurant in Fulham as I wanted something cosy, warm and colorful for us to chill, enjoy lunch and catch up on our news. Al Santo, tucked in on 23 Vanston Place delivers in every aspect. It certainly gets top marks for its eclectic decor, friendly staff and delicious food, which is a blend of Italian and Greek delicacies (my favorite combination!).

I love unique places with delightfully cluttered interiors, generous splashes of colour accompanied with unpretentious smiles. This makes you feel much like home and urges you to visit again and again.

I want feta cheese on every dish, is it possible?
Such a generous and strong cup of coffee. Al Santo you rock!
Have a great weekend everyone!! Eat well, laugh loudly and be kind :-)
Helen xx

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  1. This looks really delicious! I wondered if you would like to follow each other via GFC and Instagram. Let me know on my blog. That would be really awesome! :)