Thursday, 4 December 2014

At the Airport

On Tuesday I had an early flight to catch to Athens and I spent most of the night at Stansted Airport waiting patiently for the time to board. I was flying solo but I had by my side a couple of cups of coffee and "The Rosie Project" which by the way is hilarious!!

This is the second time that I am finding myself at an airport during the early hours (last time I was at Heathrow) and it is amazing how lively the atmosphere is there :-) Once you get used to your surroundings and given that you have a very strong coffee going down your system, you completely forget that it is 4 in the morning!

Airport essentials...
No sleep, no make up, but I have coffee instead :-)
Healthy power salad and coffee
Reading all about Don's dating adventures!
All I smell is Chanel
Les Extraits by Chanel
Chanel kisses
I am loving this lipstick (Rendez vous) by Chanel
I am planning to spend the next few days at the comfort of my house and a lot of chillin' will be involved. The weather in Greece is pretty amazing and I am trying to get used to the high temperatures (around 20 degrees) opposed to the low ones back in London. The other day, out of habit I got my gloves as I left the house, and people were laughing at me. This is not London, where my hands get attacked by the cruel cold, this is warm land :-)

I hope you are all well. Have a truly amazing day!!

Helen xx

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