Thursday, 6 November 2014

Sarah Chloe Jewellery

Personalized jewellery is one of my favourite things at the moment. Feels like I want to leave my stamp on everything that I am wearing. Also, this makes a great idea for a gift. It gives it a more personal and thoughtful touch, don't you agree?

I always look out for new designers and collections and as I was browsing the goop website today, I discovered Sarah Chloe's amazing jewellery colelctions. Here I have put together a small selection of Sarah's most popular pieces:

Leigh ID Bracelet
Elle Bangle-Square
Adjustable Love Bangle  
Jolie Ruby Evil Eye Pendant
Ava Freestyle Necklace

Petite Organic Ring
14KT Gold Lia Engraved Charm
Have a great day everyone!! Wrap up well and get ready for the weekend :-)

Helen xx


  1. I agree! And all there pieces are wonderful.

  2. I love that all of the pieces are small and dainty there's something so feminine and classy about jewelry with thin chains and minimal embellishments