Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Fancy Something Greek?

I have been meaning to visit The Life Goddess, a Greek cute Deli in the busy area of Bloomsbury for months now since a friend of mine brought me once a "koulouri" (a circular bread typically encrusted with sesame seeds - my ideal breakfast consists of strong Greek coffee and koulouri) and was telling me all about this place. 

On a rainy Friday, I finally gathered two good friends of mine who willingy wanted to step foot to this Greek tasting experience. The people who welcomed us were friendly, attentive and hospitable like all of the Greeks are (no, I am not biased here by any means!!!). They showed us to our table and the food started coming our way. I opted for the Greek porcini risotto (I love rice!) and my friends tried the smoked aubergine. The table was set with mismatched, vintage like plates and flavors begun circling our cute little table fullfilling all our senses. 

The Deli's logo is Amalthea
Porcini Risotto with Greek grated cheese

Double (I do not do single) Greek coffee and Galaktoboureko... In other words "Mmmmmm"...
If you give me coffee, I am a happy person :-) And since this is a double one, my happiness immediately doubles!

TLG operates both as a coffee shop with cute little tables on the outside and as a restaurant. The main area of the shop is the delicatessen area. More than 300 products are the basic ingredients for the breakfast, lunch and dinner served there. An ideal place to take all your non-Greek friends and see their reactions while tasting the Brioche cake from Terkenlis. Fun guaranteed!

 The Life Goddess
29 Store Street

Have a great day!! Eat well, love your friends and smile :-)

Helen xx


  1. mmm the orange pie looks so delicious!♥ lovely photos!:)


    1. One of my friends had it and it was indeed delicious! Thank you Petra :-)

  2. My hapiness depends on coffee too :p ehehe

  3. Mmm yummy, I love greek food, new follower here I invite you on mine. xoxo

  4. It looks incredible! YAY for greek food, and just Greece in general ! ;)