Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Saturday Morning Jumped Out of Bed *

I love waking up on a Saturday where the office is no longer missing me and I have the hours ahead of me to do what I please. On a nice day there is nothing that I love more than taking long strolls and discovering open markets, picking up fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers for my room. 

Last Saturday, after an enjoyable night out and after having too little sleep (but that is me, I like waking up early) I headed to Parsons Green. The weather was not too bad and there were a few sun rays scattered around. This always gives you a new perspective. 

Autumn leaves...

Can you smell the freshness?

Ready for Halloween?
I already had a coffee at home but I never say no to a warm cappuccino from Jak's as it feels so much like home. Leather sofas (I have a soft spot for leather lately), big cushions, old fashioned multi coloured rugs, an old fireplace, stacks of books and my kinda music (they were playing all of my favorite Elvis tunes last Saturday!). 

Cappuccino with always chocolate on top...
Guilty as charged! I love Jak's too... ;-)
Have a great day! I wish it was Saturday...

P.S. * The lyrics of the song "Rude" by Magic inspired today's post title ;-)

Helen xx


  1. Cute outfit, dear! I love your handbag! ;)


  2. Nice shots! I love your outfit :)