Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My Trip to Thessaloniki - Part 1

Hello everyone! I am so happy to come back to London after my holiday break in Greece and find the weather in such a warm state (I know that it will probably not last long enough, but lets enjoy it while it does)! In Greece everything was beautiful: the weather, the food, the wine... Need I say more?

I had so much time on my plate, to relax, do my hair, do my nails, walk around the city and listen to lots of Greek music (and lots of dancing was involved as well) that I do not normally do. 

Here I have put together a few photos reminiscing last week while I am getting ready for work :-(

Passport: check, Summer mood: check....Lets fly away!!
A warn croissant and an even warmer latte are much needed before every flight 

My day was always starting with great mood, coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice
... and in the evening it was ending with wine!!

These white Birkenstocks are my favorite pair while on holiday
Even though I was on holiday I kept up with my exercise regime: walking and yoga (not photos of my yoga postures though!)

I like being make-up free while on holiday ;-)
Have an awesome day!!

Helen xx