Friday, 19 September 2014

My Trip - Part 2

It's been three days since I have been back to London and oh dear how tired I already feel!! I don't want to moan much, but things have been so crazy at work and it is so wise of me to have another holiday booked for the week  to come. My next destination is Rome and I cannot wait to spend a week exploring this beautiful city.

In a previous life I must have been a fiery Italian and I am looking forward to lots of sightseeing and adventures at the eternal city (I need to make sure to get my Top 10 Guide!). 

I want to take as many amazing photos as possible during my stay there. In the meantime, here are some more photos from Greece! Can I please go back? I know the answer to this, it was just a rhetorical question first thing in the morning :-)

Green scenery
Every time someone plays with my heart, I feel the need for a new haircut ;-)

My ticket to a Greek Concert
Chillin' at Urban Cafe
At the Port

The sun last week was so generous and I felt like it was still summer. I sunbathed, having with me the latest book ("Seven Years to Sin") that I have borrowed from my local library in Fulham, had some lovely tsipouro with delicious Greek food, walked around the city, bumped into two lovely people of the Free Hugs Campaign and exchanged hugs and kisses with them....

 And the best part of a holiday is to never check at the time. This is so liberating.... 

Lunch without wine is like a day without sunshine!!!

I adore Antonis Remos...
Frozen natural yogurt
White Tower of Thessaloniki

I loved this semi-sweet wine at Mojo Bar in Aristotelous Square
Sangria & Tapas 
This is my idea of happiness... Greek coffee in the morning :)
What a view...!

Reading by the sea...
Black & White


Drinking some more wine at Dore Zythos Restaurant

Farewell Greece....

Have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend!!

Helen xx