Thursday, 7 August 2014

Harrods Shoe Heaven

Harrods is always surprising us every time a new space is opening within the store. The latest transformation has happened on the store's 5th floor that has just welcomed its very own shoe heaven on planet earth. Surreal but true! A new floor of divine inspiration has opened its doors to the public marking it as the most fabulous shoe destination.  I visited the Shoe Heaven the other day and my jaw literally dropped. 

Here are a few facts before I present you the photos that I took. 

2,110 square metres of marble were used in the building of Shoe Heaven
18 Variations of the Charlotte Olympia Kitty (now, which one are you going to get?)
Shoe Heaven is the size of 3 Olympic swimming pools
100,000 pairs of shoes in Shoe Heaven

So girls, whether we have been good or bad (I am always good) we all deserve a bit of Heaven!!

Have a fabulous day!!

Helen xx

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