Monday, 21 July 2014

The Things I Love...

Hello everyone! Hope you all had an amazing weekend and you are enjoying the summer days and nights.  I thought of taking the 10 things I love challenge today and sprinkle you all with some positive energy. Try to find ten things that you love as well, as an act of appreciating, focusing on what you value and why you value it.

Here goes...

 I love walking in the sand barefoot
I love people who smile with their eyes
I love kindness
I love looking straight into the sun for a few minutes with closed eyes
I love hugs
I love August's full moon
I love being old and feeling young
I love Shakespeare's quotes
I love Vivaldi's Four Seasons
I love lying on the park and watching the clouds moving

Have a great week and keep smiling no matter what...!!

Helen xx


  1. Amazing pics!

  2. Very isnpirational list!

  3. you are not that old.... common!!
    Great list dear...