Thursday, 19 June 2014

Welcome to Bankside

A few days ago when the temperature was really rising in London town, I put on a pair of shorts and I was ready for a long walk by the Bankside, hoping to get a bit of tan as well ;) 

For a bit of history, Bankside is located on the southern bank of the River Thames, (2.4 km) east of Charring Cross, running from a little west of Blackfriars Bridge to just a short distance before London Bridge. The name is recorded in 1554 as the Banke syde and means "street along the bank of the Thames". I guess everyone who lives in London has visited the area and it is such a nice escape on a warn, sunny day. 

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The View from Tate Modern

At the Southbank Centre
Have a great day!! Make it a fun one :-)

Helen xx


  1. Great pics! I so want to go to London.

    Jules x

  2. great post, thanks for sharing! xxx

  3. Beautiful, thanks for the tour!