Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bakersfield Mist at the Duchess Theatre

I know that I have been to quite a lot of theatre plays the last few months but it is amazing how you are never running low on options as London has so much to offer. A few weeks ago, I visited the Dutchess Theatre to see the return to the London stage of multi award-winner Kathleen Turner playing opposite Olivier and Tony award-winner Ian McDiarmid directed by Evening Standard award-winner, Polly Teale. 

Bakersfield Mist is inspired by true events, asking vital questions about what makes art and people truly authentic. Maude, a fifty-something unemployed bartender, has bought a painting for a few dollars from the thrift store. Despite almost trashing it, she now thinks it's a Jackson Pollock worth millions. In fact, she is certain it is. But when world-class expert, Lionel Percy, flies from new York and arrives at her trailer park home in Bakersfield to authenticate the painting, he really has no idea what he is about to discover.

A quick coffee before the play
I went to see this play purely because of its stars and I have to say that I walked away satisfied. It was a night of fun and the odd-couple rapport between the two actors powers the play through its 80 minute run time giving it value. 

Duchess Theatre
3-5 Catherine Street

Have a great day!

Helen xx


  1. To be honest I was never a huge theatre fan but I enjoy seeing a play from time to time. However where I live now there are not many plays to see but the one you mentioned sounds really interesting! London for me is the city for everything and everyone, there is always something to do or visit.x Have a lovely day dear.x

  2. I like much the post!! xx


  3. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing, I'm loving your green glasses :)


  4. the story sounds interesting!:) lovely photos!♥