Friday, 16 May 2014

Walking Tour in Athens

On Wednesday I spent my day in Athens doing nothing else but simply wandering around the city, taking on board as much sunshine as possible and enjoying my favorite thing: Greek coffee. My day started when I got off at Constitution Square (Syntagma Square) and took a long stroll that started from Ermou street and ended in Plaka.  

While in Greece, I always start my day with "kuluri"
After a visit at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens, we enjoyed our first coffee of the day at the Piazza Duomo cafe. The conversation was flowing under the Greek sky and the generous sunshine that is always on offer. 

Our next stop was Monastiraki. I love this part of the city as everywhere you turn you will see a part of the town's history. The area is full of museums and archaeological sites.

Museum of Greek Folk Art

Spring on a tree...

Cine Thision

Dionysiou Areopagitou

One of my favorites pedestrianized streets in Athens is Dionysiou Areopagitou, adjacent to the south slope of the Acropolis in the Makrygianni district of the city. It is named after Dionysius Areopagite, the first Athenian convert to Christianity after Apostle Paul's sermon.

Just before I move to London, I used to live in this area and I visited my old flat at number 8 Dionysiou Areopagitou. My name was still on the doorbell and it felt like nothing had changed but yet so much.

There are more photos to follow from this day in my next post.

Until then have a lovely day!!

Helen xx


  1. mmm♥ the stawberries look so delicious! lovely photos!:)

  2. Beautiful images!!! It is always nice to have at least a day in your trip to wonder around and get to feel the culture :) Have fun!


  3. i have never been to greece but i've heard a lot and seen one to many pictures of greece that i think once i set foot there it might take a long time to convince myself to go home. everything looks anciently beautiful and cultural!

    1. You should definitely come and visit Wynne xx