Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Other Desert Cities at the Old Vic

And I am back!! My morning flight yesterday went as smoothly as possible. I arrived early in London and I had the whole day more or less to rest and prepare myself for today's first day back to work.

I am not complaining though. I have missed working (seriously...) and I got an invitation to go and visit the Theo Fennell boutique today at 9 am so my day will start with a bang!!

I have been meaning to write about my visit to the Old Vic two weeks ago but I was always leaving it in the middle. So, two weeks ago as I mentioned, on a rainy Wednesday I found myself walking to Waterloo Road from Piccadilly and my final destination (before a quick stop at the Starbucks nearby for a skinny latte) was the Old Vic. Other Desert Cities by Joh Robin Baitz was a play that I desperately wanted to see before my holiday in Greece and since it plays until the 24th May (just a few days left) I did not have much of time.

Pulitzer Prize finalist and creator of hit series, Brother and Sisters and contributor on The West Wing, Jon Robin Baitz has taken America by storm with his Broadway debut. Nominated for five Tony Awards, the award-winning play now makes its UK premiere with Lindsay Posner at the director's seat. 

The story goes like this: It's Christmas Eve in Palm Springs. Novelist Brooke Wyeth is back home to celebrate the holiday with her parents, brother and aunt. But the long-awaited reunion is soon set alight by a bombshell - Brooke is to publish a tell-all memoir. Exposing the most painful chapter of the family's past Brooke's revelation pushes fractured family relations to the point of no return.

At Waterloo Bridge

Coming soon: Clarence Darrow with the Talented Mr. Kevin Spacey
Coming soon: Electra with Kristin Scott Thomas

Don't miss this play. It is truly amazing and the Old Vic is fantastic. It was the first time that I visited the theatre and I fell in love.

Have a wonderful day!!

Helen xx


  1. Great pictures :) It looks like fun! I'm loving your green glasses!


  2. nice glasses, i love it :)
    hope we can keep in touch and follow each other on GFC or bloglovin, let me know, i will follow u back :)

  3. Me gusta mucho!!

  4. Muy buen post!!