Sunday, 25 May 2014

Let The Right One In....

This week I fed my theatre appetite with two plays and my satisfaction is indescribable. On  Wednesday, I visited the beautifully refurbished Apollo Theatre to see the critically-acclaimed "Let The Right One In". This is a stage adaptation by Jack Thorne, based on the Swedish horror novel and film by John Ajvide  Lindqvist.

Right before my eyes I witnessed a chilling tale of loneliness, love and legend that spoke right to my heart. 

Martin Quinn is a stunning Oskar, a bullied lonely teenage boy living with his mother on a housing estate in the brisk Scottish Highlands when a series of killings rock the neighbourhood. Eli is the young girl who has just moved in next door. She doesn't go to school and never leaves the flat by day. The two become devoted friends, but what  Oskar does not know is that Eli has been a teenager for a very long time...

This is one of the best piece of theatre I have ever witnessed. Such a bloody awesome play that I would highly recommend!

Apollo Theatre
Shaftesbury Avenue
T: 0844 482 9671

Have a great Sunday!!

Helen xx

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  1. Didn't know this was a play. I'm too chicken to go watch the movie, but this seems more my speed!