Saturday, 26 April 2014

Sila's Fortune by Fabrice Humbert

The latest book that I have been reading has been completely different to the ones that I have previously read. And that is what I love about books. The diversity that they have to offer and the different worlds that they travel you to as if through a tunnel.

I take so much pleasure while reading in the sun and the other day I decided to go on a lazy stroll by the Putney Pier and took some rest at Carluccio's by the river for some precious me time under the sun. 

A skinny latte and a chocolate cookie was all that I needed before I started reading "Sila's Fortune" by Fabrice Humbert. The story is set in my beloved Paris, in June 1995. At an exclusive restaurant, a waiter - a young immigrant named Sila - is violently attacked by one of the wealthy diners. No one moves. Not the expensively-dressed Russian couple, not the two young traders come to celebrate their first job on the floor. Not even the wife of the aggressor. 

All actions have consequences, and the brutality, indifference or cowardice of those present on that day at the restaurant signals the beginning of their individual undergoing. From the fall of Berlin Wall to the financial crash of 2008, the crossed destinies of the witnesses weave a complex web of human tragedy across the decades. 

And at the centre of it all is Sila. But in a society blinded by its own greed, is his refusal to be made a victim a heroic act of defiance or a futile last cry no one will hear? 

A really powerful and moving novel, beautifully written that sends out so many messages. 

Have a great weekend!

Helen xx


  1. I love this pictures.

  2. Perfect setting to read a book!!!

  3. Lovely place to read a good book. :) Xoxo