Thursday, 10 April 2014

At London Bridge

London has seen a few semi-clear skies recently and I have to say that the feeling is amazing. I spent the last weekend at the London Bridge surroundings and on Saturday morning I took a stroll along the river, looking at the bridge and all the people passing by. The sun's presence was inevitable and my eyes were struggling to stay open. 

The moment was asking for some coffee and the Starbucks barista made sure to make me a strong one. After asking me where I was from (he though I was Spanish like him), he gave me his sweetest smile and a croissant on the side. 

Naked women in the sun

The little pathway next to Starbucks led me to the Design Museum where I spent a few minutes browsing at the museum's shop. 

The Paul Smith pins were gorgeous and I got one that I pinned on my jacket straightaway (the one with the bird). I did not have much time on my hands so I had to take a rain check on the Hello I am Paul Smith exhibition for the time. 

Paul Smith pin on my Sandro jacket
After getting the latest issue of Vogue for some lazy afternoon reading, I took The Queen's Walk and  headed back to Hay's Galleria where sweet company was waiting for me for brunch. 

Hope you are all enjoying some sunshine wherever you are.

Have a great day!

Helen xx


  1. What a cute shop, and the scenery is amazing out there.

  2. I love London, it's great to see pictures of it!

    The Fashion Brook

  3. Such a great post! Lovely pics!

  4. Adorable! I loved the pictures. :)

  5. This place looks amazing (: ! x