Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street at Empire

Last Wednesday I headed to Leicester Square aka "cinemaland" with my friend Manveen to watch "The Wolf of Wall Street". We had booked our tickets over Mocktails and Tapas at the Pelham Hotel a few nights ago and wanted to see what the fuss was about this movie.

I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed it! Jonah Hill was hilarious and I just could not stop laughing. Plus the song at the end sealed the deal for me. I have been listening to Mrs Robinson ever since!!

This was my first time at Empire Cinema and we were at screen 7, a small  screen of only 58 seats. As soon as we went in, it was just us and we thought that this would be a private affair but after a few minutes some more people joined in and spoiled the fun!

The entrance

Playing with the mirrors
Funky French Sole ballet pumps

I am now getting ready for my flight tomorrow. Greece is waiting for me and I cannot let her down. My last minute packing is almost done and I cannot wait to board to flight 632 and switch off completely!

Have a great weekend!!

Helen xx


  1. I've recently watched that movie and it's hilarious, love the actors and the plot was really good as well! Oh the cinema looks amazing and I love your chic and sophisticated outfit! Blue looks gorgeous on you.x Have a nice flight dear! Have a lovely week.x

    1. I found the movie hilarious too and that is why I enjoyed it so much :)
      Thank you so much for your kind words!! I am already enjoying the Greek sun!
      Have a fabulous week xx

  2. You look beautiful in blue!

    Stai in contatto con me su BLOGLOVIN