Sunday, 23 March 2014

Stealing Banksy?

Stealing Banksy? is the 2014 project exploring the social, legal and moral issues surrounding the sale of street art (I love street art!). Taking place in April (24th until 27th) in the heart of London, the exhibition showcases the most expensive collection of Banksy artworks under one roof. 

Below are 8 unique pieces that will make up this amazing exhibition next month. 

No Ball Games, Location: Tottenham (Painted: 2009)

OldSkool, Location: Clerkenwell (Painted: 2006)

Liverpool Rat, Location: Liverpool (Painted: 2006)
Girl with the Red Balloon, Location: Hackney (Painted: 2006)
Sperm Alarm, Location: Victoria (Painted: 2011)
Boy with Heart, Location: Clerkenwell (Painted: 2006)
Silent Majority, Location: Glastonbury (Painted: 1998)
2 Rats, Location: Berlin (Painted: 2003)

The show will take place at the ME London Hotel on the Strand. Designed by the world famous architects Foster + Partners and located in the artistic and cultural heart of London, this stunning hotel is contemporary and cutting edge in style and has a strong affiliation with the art world.

Don't miss this exhibition!

Helen xx


  1. "Sperm Alarm" and "Girl with the Red Balloon" are very amazing!!!!
    Thank you for this report.....kisses,