Sunday, 9 March 2014

Emil and the Detectives at the National Theatre

I like a good old classic whether this is a F. Scott Fitzgerald book, a Frank Sinatra song or a Cary Grant black and white movie. Sometimes I feel like I live in the wrong era... This world is too modern for my liking. 

So on Wednesday, I decided to visit the National Theatre and see the play "Emil and the Detectives" (adapted by Carl Miller) since it is showing until the 18th March and I am going away on holiday next week. The play is based on the 1929 novel set mainly in Berlin by the German writer Erich Kastner and illustrated by Walter Trier. This is Kastner's best-known work and has been translated into at least 59 languages. Has anyone read it?

Young Emil says goodbye to his mother, leaves his small town and sets off on a journey that will change his life. When his money is stolen on the train by a mysterious stranger, Emil thinks he's lost everything. But as he starts tracking down the thief, he soon discovers that he's not alone in the big city after all. 

I enjoyed the moment when the audience became directly involved as Stuart McQuaire (playing Mr Snow) dived into the stalls trying to escape from the children/detectives that were after him. And just when it looked as if he might escape justice, we were asked to get out of our seats and stand up for Emil. I thoroughly enjoyed when I had to leave the comfort of my seat and stood up shouting Emil's name - so liberating!!

If you are in London do not miss the chance to see this witty, exhilarating play. Visit the theatre's website and select your own seat while booking your ticket.

National Theatre
T: 020 7452 3000

Have a great Sunday!!

Helen xx


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  2. Amazing play!!!