Wednesday, 12 February 2014

St. Martin-in-the-fields Shop

When I am visiting museums or other places of interest I love browsing at their shops where you can find souvenirs, unusual gifts and handmade keepsakes. Last week I visited the fantastic shop at St. Martin-in-the Fields. This little shop is magnificent, here you can find British made china, jewelry, CDs from the choir of the St. Martin-in-the Fields, as well as linens, soaps, aromatic candles, teas, cards, books and so much more. I wanted to get myself a bookmark with my name, but it seems that Helen is such a popular name that it was out of stock (next time more luck maybe?).

Instead, I bought (because I could not leave empty handed) a lovely coaster that gives such a beautiful meaning to my name.

Having Greek coffee and a coconut bun
Helen: Graceful and elegant with a thirst for knowledge. A seeker of truth.

I couldn't agree more! Have a great day :)

Helen xx


  1. Very good photos ;)
    Have a nice day my sweetie <3

    1. Thank you Marion! Have a lovely day as well xx

  2. I love those coffee coasters, I have one with my name on it as well.x That coconut bun looks delicious! I love little shops like this, they always have great things. Have a lovely day dear.x

    1. Oh so sweet :) You can get these delicious (indeed) buns from anywhere in Chinatown...Have a great day as well Stephanie & thank you for reading xx

  3. very cool coaster!! these types of things never seem to have my name though haha you are lucky!!

  4. i also love souvenir and gift shops!