Wednesday, 5 February 2014

At Chinatown for Coconut Buns

Last Saturday, just before I go to the theater I visited Chinatown to celebrate the Chinese New Year (Year of the Horse!). To be honest with you, this was just a lame excuse so that I could enjoy Chinese food and delicious coconut buns from my favorite bakery.

Crispy ducks on display

All the streets in Chinatown were literally packed with people who were enjoying the live music playing, queuing up for dinner and taking lots of photos. Since Criterion Theater was nearby, after the play finished I paid another visit to the bakery for one last coconut bun (I simply can't resist them, one is never enough !!).

Soft bun with coconut inside - just don't ask me to share it with you!

Walking down Shaftesbury Avenue
Happy Chinese New Year to all of my Chinese friends who are so far away. I really miss you guys!! I will never forget the weekends that we were going to Chinatown together and we were getting big bags of jasmine rice for our dinner parties!!

Have a wonderful evening!

Helen xx

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