Friday, 24 January 2014

Zara: Inside the Fitting Room

One lazy evening, a few days ago I was chatting with my friend Manveen and I didn't even realize how our conversation led to the Zara Sale - dangerous waters! I confessed with some kind of guilt that I hadn't had a chance to check the sale yet -  not even online. As we were chatting along, my friend ordered the skirt that she had been longing for and after giving my seal of approval for the purchase, wild thoughts started spinning in my head: 

I should go and try some clothes on.

 I am sure I will find something and it is so worth it since the prices are so low. 

So the next day, I popped into Zara's amazing store in Knightsbridge. It was late in the afternoon which meant that the store was not very busy so one could browse pleasantly. My fitting room was set on fire after trying on so many clothes and it took me a healthy couple of hours until I reached important decisions. 

I liked quite a few things, but truth is I have managed to drop a size and my new size was out of stock. It is only when I am trying on clothes that I realize whether I have put on weight or I have shifted some. 

This dress was one size too big...

Loved the lace on this dress...

On-Off Sweater and Salvatore Ferragamos!

Loved this tee, snatched it for only £1.99!!

Who has been to Zara recently and what have you bought guys? Any good purchases?

Have a fantastic day!

Helen xx


  1. You look awesome in that dress! It's a pity that it was too big. I had been to Zara currently, too and bought my ass off xD. The sale there is great!!


    1. Thank you Stella!! Good for you, I just love the Zara sale xx

  2. lovely finds!:) I just bought long elegant gloves from Zara and they're so warm!♥

  3. Great finds!!! I got a blazer from Zara recently on sale!!