Monday, 6 January 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker's Shoe Colelction

If I could be one TV character that one would be none other than Carrie Bradshaw. And it is not just because of the shoes as you might think (well this plays its role of course). I was reminiscing good old times last night as I was playing for the .... who knows which time, a re-run of the 6th season of SATC while chilling at home. 

Remember when last year the exciting news emerged, that Sarah Jessica is finally about to make our dreams come true with the launch of her very own shoe and bag collection? The line is titled SJP and thanks to the world has been treated to a sneak preview of what it is to follow.

This is the "Diana" - a black Mary Jane stiletto crafted from patent leather. For the fans of SATC, you can tell that the "Diana" looks rather familiar if you recall the Urban Shoe Myth episode from the TV series, where Carrie is found inside the Vogue's shoe cupboard and comes across those MJs. 


George Malkemus (President of Manolo Blahnik USA) and Sarah Jessica Parker
The line will be sold exclusively in  Nordstrom. I can't wait for this amazing launch!!

Just something exciting for us girls, to set our heartbeat racing on a Monday morning!

Have a lovely day!

Helen xx


  1. Im so excited I cant wait to see the whole collection!

  2. Great post! My favourite TV show at the moment is the Carrie Diaries!

  3. So excited!!! Can't wait!