Wednesday, 29 January 2014

New Reading: Popular Girl & Ignorance

So last week, I popped into the library and got some new material for my precious reading moments. I borrowed F. S. Fitzgerald's Popular Girl and M. Kundera's Ignorance. I will never understand people who read books on their kindle. For me this is a no no. I want to feel the book as I am reading it. I get high by simply turning a book's pages and even higher by bringing it close to me and smelling it. What can beat this feeling?

I have just finished The Popular Girl, a wonderfully written collection of 5 short stories. This was my first time reading Fitzgerald and I thoroughly enjoyed his writing and stories. 

The second book that I have chosen, Ignorance by M. Kundera was written in 1999 in French and was published in 2000. It was translated into English in 2002 by Linda Asher, for which she was awarded the Scott Moncrieff Prize the following year. 

The book's plot goes like this: 

Irena and Josef meet by chance while returning to their homeland, which they had abandoned twenty years earlier. The novel examines the feelings instigated by the return to a homeland, which has ceased to be a home. In doing so, it reworks the Odyssean themes of homecoming. The novel explores and centers around the way that people have selective memories as a precursor to ignorance. The concept of ignorance is presented as a two-fold phenomenon, in which ignorance can be willing action that people participate in, such as avoiding unpleasant conversation topics. 

This is such an interesting read and I hope I put you into some nice thoughts. For all of you who enjoy reading here is a list with the 100 greatest novels of all time that I found in the Guardian. It's worth checking how many you have read and which ones you would like to read. Sounds like a fun game to me!

Have a great day and Happy Reading!

Helen xx


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  2. Sounds like a great book!!!