Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Blue Coat by M Missoni

One thing that I love doing to my outfits is innocent color injections just to brighten things up. Living in a country where the weather is so dull and you have to wear quite lots of clothes to keep you warm isn't it fun not to opt for the common black, grey or brown coat but instead go for a bright one? That was exactly my thinking a few days ago while doing some shopping at Harrods. I had spotted this beautiful, elegant, blue coat by M Missoni since like forever and I was playing daisy petals: Should I or shouldn't I? (buying it that is). 

At the end the positive answer won over the negative (just because I am a positive person and I can't help it really in matters of such importance). 

Sneakers: Hogan
I had my comfortable sneakers on and I just enjoyed a long walk around the area. Just before I returned home, I popped into the library for some more book "fuel" (more on the books I have chosen and I am currently reading on my next post).

Olive trees in Putney
So romantic to stare at the river and the birds flying to where they please...
Putney Bridge

Have a great day and stay warm!

Helen xx