Saturday, 28 December 2013

Boxing Day

On Boxing Day I had to say farewell to Hilton London Tower Bridge Hotel and dash off to Knightsbridge for work. Before leaving, I enjoyed one last breakfast and since it was quite early in the morning, the breakfast room was quiet and peaceful. Exactly how I like it!

Coffee, Pastries and the Times
Even while having breakfast, the Harrods sale is haunting me ...

The Shard
On my way to the tube, I caught a glimpse of The Shard and that put an extra smile on my face. As soon as I reached Knightsbridge, I witnessed hundreds of people queuing outside Harrods and patiently waiting for the Winter Sale to kick off in all its glory. In the meantime, 50 butlers were providing cosy blankets and serving delicious Michelin-star canapes, and there was a spellbinding performance from renowned magician, Dynamo. That was quite a treat! Let me know if anyone of you visited Harrods on the 26th and how was your shopping experience.

Have a fabulous day!

Helen xx

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  1. Great post. Seems like a lot of fun to be able to be there!

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