Saturday, 30 November 2013

You can leave your hat on ...

While I was packing at home to return to London I managed to take with me some bits and pieces from my wardrobe there. I wanted to take so much more, but there was only a certain amount of clothes that could fit in my suitcase. It was a good idea to take my wool hat that I have been wearing every since I returned. 

I love wearing a hat during winter. It is the perfect winter accessory. It keeps you so warm plus it can save you from a bad hair day. I also want to buy a black one so it can go with everything that I am wearing. I would not say no to a fur head band too. Well, next month is shopping time so I will definitely look for those!!

Last night fighting the cold outside Harrods
Have a great weekend!

Helen xx

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  1. you look amazing!:) and the hat will surely look amazing with so many different coats!♥