Friday, 22 November 2013

Shopping spree at Golden Hall Athens

The other day I got up early in the morning, caught the 8.25 train of Proastiakos and my destination was Athens. After running a few errands, me, my sister and her husband (for his bad luck) headed to Golden Hall, my favourite department store in Athens for some shopping. 

There was a festive atmosphere everywhere and a gigantic Christmas tree welcomed us upon entering the store. 

Influenced by London's cold weather I was wearing my blue electric Poupee coat but inside the store it was so warm that I had to take it off and carry it throughout my shopping experience. That was not very wise as the coat is a bit heavy.

Our first stop was at Starbucks for a skinny latte for me, a decaf cappuccino for my sister and a classic strong cappuccino for the man himself.

The barista decided to give me a new name: "Lina"

Christmas decorations inside the store
And when the first signs of fatigue started showing we headed to Terkenlis corner for delicious Greek delicacies.

Sweater: COS, Skirt: Oscar de la Renta, Flats: Lanvin, Necklace: Isabel Marant pour H&M, Bag: Balenciaga

When we finished our shopping at Golden Hall we quickly popped in The Mall Athens, just before we take the train back home.

It was a fun day in the capital, but how amazing is it when you finally get at your home's warmth and comfort.... Can I stay there forever? Unfortunately, I will have to start packing soon. My flight to London is on Sunday and the clock is ticking!

Have an amazing Friday!

 Helen xx


  1. Lovely photos! And looks like you had a lot of fun, dear :)

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  2. κοριτσάκι μου...τι ωραία που τα γράφεις...φιλάκια και να περνάς τέλεια!!!