Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Hello everyone! I hope that autumn is treating you all well. I was getting ready to go out the other day and decided to give my nails a makeover. I tried one of my Essie nail polishes (810 Recessionista) in a rich, deep plum color and I absolutely loved it! It is an ideal color for autumn, don't you think?

Speaking of autumn, it has really started getting colder, hasn't it? Nothing to worry about though... just warm up well and by the way carry an umbrella with you at all times. Don't do it like me that I went out on Sunday (minus this essential accessory) and as I was enjoying my Pinot Grigio at Jak's on Walton Street, the rain started and I did not have the power to stop it.

But no matter how cold and rainy it was outside, the atmosphere inside was warm, cosy and very enjoyable. The music was playing, people were laughing under the candle lights that were all around the bar and the wine was exactly what the soul ordered!

Have a fantastic day! 

Helen xx

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