Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Putney Arts Theatre

I always remember myself enjoying so much theatre nights. I am not a big fan of the cinema, unless we are talking about summer cinema in Greece that is something else!! A few weeks ago I visited the Putney Arts Theatre with a friend, a community theatre in the heart of Putney that includes local residents, people from the borough of Wandsworth and from further afield throughout London. 

Putney Arts Theatre
 The play that we saw was "Equus" by Peter Shaffer written in 1973. The story of the play is well known: In a Hampshire stable, a youth blinds six horses with a metal spike. Convicted of this appaling crime, seventeen-year-old Alan Strang  (George Kounoupias) is sent to a secure psychiatric hospital. Martin Dysart (Micahel Rossi), the child psychiatrist assigned to him, begins to probe Alan's past in an attempt to understand his motives. Initially the boy is silent and uncooperative, but as Dysart digs deeper, he begins to win Alan's trust and the truth gradually emerges.  Finally, as Alan struggles to be free of his demons, he must relive the events of that terrible night. Inspired by a true story, Peter Shaffer's unique psychological thriller explores the complex relationships between worship, myth and sexuality.

The stage
The next play that I want to see is Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" that will start showing at the beginning of December. This is a great play for the festive season. You can check all the future productions here

Contact Details:
Putney Arts Theatre
Ravenna Road
SW15 6AW

Box Office & Enquiries: 020 8788 6943

Have a great day!

Helen xx

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