Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Louis Vuitton's L'Invitation au Voyage with David Bowie

The latest instalment of Louis Vuitton's artsy "L'Invitation au Voyage" stars David Bowie, the best dressed Britton of all time.  After landing by hot air ballon in the Piazza San Marco, model Arizona Muse finds herself at at a lavish Venetian masked ball.

Piazza San Marco
Muse spots Bowie and joins him at the harpsichord and the two exchange meaningful glances, but is this a dream or not? The rock legend lip syncs a version of  "I'd rather be high", a stand out from his latest album, The Next Day

Director : Romain Gavras
Photographer: David Sims
Hair: Paul Hanlon
Stylist: Jerry Stafford
Makeup: Lucia Pieron

Helen xx

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