Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Home sweet home

I am enjoying so much being on holidays at my parents' and I can sense that when the time to go comes I will not like it at all. Being at home means lots of great food, warm nights by the fireplace, lots of love and cuddles. Plus the feeling of sleeping in my old bed under warm blankets is indescribable and priceless. 

The other day I went walking by the beach with my mum and it was so refreshing and peaceful. The weather was a little bit chilly, the sea was slightly wrinkled and the scenery had a mildly
savage beauty that goes well with the autumn days. 

In the afternoon I visited my grandma's house on the beach and I love sitting with her, listening to old and new stories. Old people have a way of narrating things that mesmerizes me.

When I am not going out I enjoy staying at home and making the most of it. The other night we watched the movie "Wolverine" in 3D and it was fascinating, even though I fell asleep somewhere in between all the action!

Wearing my fancy 3D white glasses
Have a wonderful day!!

Helen xx


  1. haha:D the last photo is perfect!♥ love listening to my grandma's stories too♥

    1. Thank you!! Grandma's stories are sweet! x

  2. Cool glasses! xx