Sunday, 24 November 2013

Exhibition of Archaeological findings at the Athens International Airport

Sunday finally came and I spent my morning today at Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos". The weather was not that good, it was constantly raining (but it was still warm) and for a moment I had my doubts whether the A3 602 flight to London would depart. 

Just before I find my way to my gate, I visited an interesting exhibition of archaeological findings from the airport area. I have previously worked for the Hellenic Ministry of Culture in Athens and anything with an archaeological essence truly fascinates me. 

Jewelry and dress accessories from the excavations at St. Peter's church
Sphinx from Spata

Well, my flight was not cancelled and everything went according to plan. Early in the afternoon I landed at Heathrow airport. London's chilly weather welcomed me and as I had too much to carry I forgot to wear my gloves. Now I have to adjust to new temperatures. I left from Greece where the temperature was approaching 20 degrees when the weather was on a good mood and in London it shows 6 degrees now that I am writing these lines. All I can say is that the winter is coming...

Have a nice evening!

Helen xx