Sunday, 20 October 2013

Chinese & Japanese Art at the V & A

I was walking along Cromwell Road on Friday afternoon, on my way to Imperial College for a freshers party and I could not resist popping in the Victoria & Albert Museum to explore an exhibition even for a few minutes. 

As I walked in I was taken by the beautiful collections of Chinese and Japanese art which were displayed on the ground floor on the right side of the main entrance. Textiles, ceramics, prints, metal work, carvings and furniture were among the items displayed and I did not miss the chance of taking some pictures.

Kazaridachi (court sword)

Buddha Head Possibly 1368-1644 - Ming Dynasty 

I also had a look around the museum's shop (I especially love the jewelry at the museums' shops - they are so unique) and I will share these photos on a future post. After my mini tour in the V&A the time was calling for a drink and I picked up on that. 

After wandering around the area I finally found my way to the college and met up with my flatmate. I had a drink there and we ended up at Gloucester Arms in South Kensington for some more drinks and flaming Sambuca shots!! This was the first time I was trying Sambuca and it was pretty damn good!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Helen xx 

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