Saturday, 10 August 2013

440 Envelope clutch by DVF

Hello everyone. I hope you had a fantastic week and you are all in a weekend mood. My day is going to be fully packed with very last minute things to do just before my flight on Monday. I keep writing down everything in my agenda otherwise there will definitely be something that I will forget. 

 I am in love with these beautiful clutches from DVF. It is the perfect clutch to carry day and night. Sometimes when I am not working I do not really feel like carrying a big bag so I very much prefer a cute little clutch that holds all the necessary things so I can step out for a coffee or go for some quick shopping. 
440 Envelope Embossed Python Clutch
440 Envelope Embossed Lizard Clutch
440 Envelope Embossed Snake Clutch

Have a lovely weekend!!

Helen xx

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  1. beautiful!