Monday, 29 July 2013

Sunday around the city

I love spending my Sundays visiting markets, browsing at the merchandise, having street food for lunch and enjoying coffee in the city. That is exactly what I did yesterday. My date was set for midday where I met my friend I. at Georgia Roidou's jewellery stand inside the Spitafields market. 

We decided right from the start that by no means were we to spend any money on cute bracelets or earrings. There has been lots of spending lately so yesterday was a day of just browsing!

I really loved these feather head pieces

We later visited the Brick Lane market where the food on offer was so much that we found it hard to choose from!


I decided to get rice with chicken and vegetables. We sat on a bench outside the market and enjoyed our food. And then suddenly it started raining (so typical)!

My lunch
We rushed into Hanbury street (which is generally accepted as the scene of the second murder committed by Jack the Ripper: scary!) and found a comfortable little table and sat down for some great coffee at Nude Espresso.

Great coffee place

My coffee came with a heart...

With our coffee cups empty and the weather slightly better we decided to walk to Tower Bridge.

Under the bridge lies a cute little place called St Katherine Docks that takes you away from London. It was sunny when we got there and the sun's reflections on the water made the whole scene idyllic.

A second coffee was much needed and we found our way to Starbucks for skinny lattes and brownies!

On my way home I walked to St Paul's Cathedral as it was still sunny and bright, got on a bus and enjoyed the drive. I love Sundays!!

Helen xx