Saturday, 13 July 2013

Royal Lapis

Goodmorning everyone! I hope you are well and had a lovely Friday evening (it is my favourite moment of the week....Friday evenings!!). I did not get up to anything special as I was working. As soon as I got home though I treated my self to some sushi and some much needed relaxation. 

I was browsing at the internet and I was looking into some jewellery. Everyone knows how much I love jewellery - this is not meant to be a secret! One of my favourite stones at the moment is lapis lazuli. I already have a few pieces with lapis from Monica Vinader and I have recently bought a beautiful ring from Monica's collection for my sister.

Lapis lazuli - called the stone of rulers in ancient kingdoms like Sumer and Egypt - was forbidden to commoners and worn only by royalty. This gemstone has long been a symbol of the night sky alight with stars. It is believed to bring deep calm and a strong connection to cosmic wisdom.

This season so many brands have presented us with beautiful jewellery made of this beautiful blue gemstone with sparkles of gold pyrites. Here are some of my favourite pieces:
Siren thin cuff by Monica Vinader. Shop here

Be very mysterious friendship bracelet by Astley Clarke Biography. Shop here
Olivia bracelet by Jigsaw. Shop here
Siren stacking ring by Monica Vinader. Shop here

Crazy beads drop earrings by Helene Turbe. Shop here

Siren small cocktail earrings by Monica Vinader. Shop here
Baja chain bracelet by Monica Vinader. Shop here

Wear some lapis lazuli jewellery and feel like real royalty!! Have a fabulous weekend!

Helen xx

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