Monday, 1 July 2013

At Spitafields Market

It is the first day of July today and I can finally feel it is summer! Happy month everyone!

The weather yesterday was so amazing that it was inviting you to go outside. I spent my morning browsing at the Spitafields Market in East London. I had a coffee on the go, a delicious brownie and I let myself to mix with the crowd.

Lots of hats
The most interesting stalls for me were the ones with jewellery of course. My first stop was at Amanda Mansell, a British designer who has graduated with an MA in Jewellery from the Royal College of Art. The simplicity of her contemporary, minimal jewellery creations caught my eye and I fell in love with her silver rings and bangles.
Trying on rings

A ring for each finger

Amanda's creations
Posing with my new rings

After leaving Amanda's stall, I was desperately trying to find another stall that I knew is showcasing in the market. This is the Decadorn jewellery. One of my friends introduced me to this brand and since then I have been dreaming of drusy pendants. I went to Harvey Nichols last week where they also stock them but they did not have any of the designs that I wanted. I asked a few people around the market about Decadorn, it seemed like nobody knew about it and as I was just about to leave the market I bumped into beautiful Helen and her Decadorn pieces!

So glad I found you...
Semi-precious drusy pendants

Charm pendants
After buying my "precious" I enjoyed the sun and watched the tango dancing event under the Amphitheatre Canopy on Bishops Square.
Chilling in the sun
It was a lovely Sunday off, relaxing and I hope I got some tan. Have a lovely week everyone!

Jumper: Zara
Shorts: MIH
Flip flops: Havaianas
Bag: Balenciaga

Helen xx