Thursday, 13 June 2013


After last night's exhibition we decided with my friend to go for a drink. The weather was its usual miserable self but that would not spoil our evening. Leaving New Bond street behind us we found ourselves at the doorstep of Sketch bar in Conduit street. Sketch is featuring five restaurants and bars each with their own quirky d├ęcor and funky atmosphere.
We stepped into the East Bar, an ultra modern bar and lounge created by Mourad Mazouz & acclaimed designer Noe Douchafour Lawence. The atmosphere there was intimate and we most certainly enjoyed our "virgin" cocktails.
My explosive "Berries on fire" cocktail

Before we left the bar we casually popped into the toilet that was definitely not looking like any other. A room full of white, egg-shaped cubicles was the centre of attention on the first floor of the building. A few people were taking photos of the quite unusual sight. I stepped into one of them that looked like my very own alien cocoon and took a picture as well!

On the way home it was still drizzling. My hair was already frizzy and I could not care less. I jumped into the bus and I returned home with a smile. It was such a fun night!!

Helen xx


  1. i can see that you enjoying life...

  2. i must confess that this toilet is so unique..