Thursday, 20 June 2013


I love candles so much and I am really excited every time I discover something new. Yesterday I familiarized myself with the Joya candles and home diffusers.

Joya, which in Spanish means jewel, is a a brand from New York. It was founded in 2004 by Frederick Bouchardy that I had the chance to meet and greet. Each of the Joya candles is crafted by hand using artisanal techniques, enhanced with environmentally friendly refinement.
Sarah Cihat teams up with the brand and offers us a complete home fragrance collection of 8 exquisite fragnances available in black or white faceted porcelain candles and diffusers with graphic motifs fired on by hand.
The candles are made of natural soy and beeswax blend, essential oils, fine fragrance, cotton wick and they are alcohol free. Fragrance diffusers contain essential oils, fine fragrance, alcohol carrier and all natural reeds.
Try them all and decide which one to take home with you. I fell in love with Pomegranate, Laurel and White Pepper.
Thank you so much to Frederick and his team for the Âmes Sœurs Parfum that they gave us as  gift!!
This fragrance has a little story behind it. After reading The Book Of Lost Fragrances, a thriller that details the quest to locate a scent created in the days of Cleopatra, fragrance designer Frederick was inspired to bring the novel’s star scent to life.

This fragrance has notes of frankincense, myrrh, orange blossom, and jasmine. The rich, smoky finish gives the scent a sensual aura.

Helen xx


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