Saturday, 22 June 2013


How about adding some colour to your wardrobe?

Forget about taking the safe route when choosing a bag and opting for a black one, simply because it goes with everything. A hit of colour from your bag can compliment your outfit and bring it all together.

Here are my picks for this trend:

Proenza Schouler - PS1
Balenciaga - Classic work

Celine - Trapeze

 Saint Lauren - Sac De Jour

Phillip Lim - 3.1

Louis Vuitton - Alma GM 

Talking about some serious eye candy! I hope you enjoyed my suggestions and maybe you will have some second thoughts when you are buying your next handbag!
Helen xx


  1. proenza schouler!!i like this bag so much!!!

  2. It comes in so many wonderful colours!! So difficult to choose just one!