Saturday, 15 June 2013


I love walking around London and especially if the weather is good. There is nothing that I dislike more than taking the public transport. Taking the tube is such a nightmare as most of the times you will have to squash yourself between other people, you can't find a seat, lovely smells come from everywhere and I feel like I can't breath. At least when you get on a red bus you get a chance to gaze through the window.

On Thursday the weather was not at its best form but me and my friends decided to be brave, ignore the every now and then drizzle and walk to Chelsea. Once we got there, we headed straight to Pizza Express for lunch.

Our attentive waiter came straight away and I ordered my all time favourite: warm vegetable salad with goat's cheese and chicken.

As soon as we finished our lunch we knew where we were going next. The attentive waiter tried to keep us there for longer, offering us coffee and plenty of his charm but we had to kindly decline. I am  sure that we pleased him though as both of my friends completed a feedback form for him scoring him with the highest mark!!

We said arrivederci to Pizza Express, walked down King's Road and then I saw something blue. Time for a coffee at the Bluebird café.

And of course a coffee is not complete without a sweet treat on the side. I opted for the blueberry cheesecake and I was not disappointed!

On the table behind us we spotted a very orange +Ollie Locke  from Made in Chelsea. I have actually grown some sympathy for people who use fake tan in this country. With so little sunshine, the skin's whiteness is quite appalling. You have to do something as long you don't overdo it and instead of naturally tanned you look like a carrot!

Our beautiful girl outing came to an end and until next time....

Helen  xx

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