Tuesday, 13 November 2012


The best meal of the day for me is definitely breakfast! After a long night's sleep I can't wait to wake up and indulge into my favourite things. Sometimes I even have to cut my sleep short and get up 'cos I am too hungry to dream!!!

Today my breakfast was a bit different than usual. I got to enjoy my coffee in the beautiful surroundings of the Georgian Restaurant at Harrods.
How lovely it is to have everything ready and cooked for you.... The pleasure is almost double that way :-) So today I had a delicious sausage, crispy and not very salty bacon stripes, potatoes and a variety of mushrooms...Of course a good old breakfast is never complete without a yummy french pastry, so clearly I could not say no to that!

Mmmmm I am already dreaming of tomorrow's breakfast :-)

Helen xx

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