Thursday, 8 November 2012


Father Christmas has landed in Harrods, trees stand tall and beautiful everywhere.... something tells me that Christmas is approaching faster than a bullet!

And with it comes the cold (I wonder if it will snow this year?), the anticipation of a delicious home cooked dinner and lots of great smells!!

Speaking of smells, I spent last evening with the companionship of a Diptyque candle and its lavender aroma filled the room and put me to sleep. So bad, I had to wake up so early this morning to go to work :-(

However, there is something exciting waiting for me. I am attending a Le Labo presentation today and I am intrigued by the blend of the essential oils in their scents. It is time to get a new perfume, so I need to have all the facts.... Which one is it going to be?

Helen xx

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